Covid Support

The Pandemic has effected us all

Some, more than others. People have found themselves jobless, homeless, penniless and suffering from poor mental and physical wellbeing more now than have ever done.

Since the first lockdown in 2019, Coatbridge Rovers mobilised and started to provide COVID Relief where it was really needed, in our communities. We provided an ear when one was needed and a hand as well.

We still provide this life-changing support for free to those who need it.

Prescription Collection

Grocery Shopping

Befriending Service

Dog Walking Service

Food Parcels

Subsidised Places

If you or someone you know needs a helping hand due to covid please reach out

Please ensure that the person you nominate is aware of the nomination and that you are not just assuming they need assistance as this can cause offence. Our assistance is limited and is not an immediate response. Please use this service appropriately.

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